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If you’re an old hand, we hope our program is of interest.  If you’re new to birding tours, you might find our essay “Choosing a Birding Tour” helpful.

Booking from the UK

If you are from the United Kingdom, we appreciate that you may have some questions about the whole process from contacting the WINGS office, to booking, payment, flights, and joining the tour. Click here for detailed information on these points.

What's New

Eastern South Africa , 9-27 November 2023, with Ethan Kistler -- South Africa has long been considered a prime birding... (more)

The Solomon Islands, 7-25 September 2023, with Ryan Chenery -- The Solomon Islands are one of the few remaining places... (more)

Zambia, 13-26 October 2022, with Ethan Kistler -- Zambia is a wonderfully scenic country in the middle... (more)

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Global Birding Event: The Global Birding Event held on 17 October proved to be an amazing... (more)

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COVID 19 Updates

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Guaranteed Tours

Kenya: Samburu to the Masai Mara with Brian Finch - 10-26 November. Two spaces remain.

Mexico: The Yucatan and Cozumel with Ethan Kistler - 2-10 December. One space remains.

Cruise: New Zealand, the Tasman Sea and Australia with Luke Seitz and Steve Howell - 1-14 December. Two spaces remain

Argentina: The South - the Pampas, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego with Jake Mohlmann - 5-19 January.

New Zealand, Island Endemics and Seabirds with Brent Stephenson - 4-24 February. One space remains.

Private Tours

WINGS organizes private tours worldwide. Details here.

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Swallow-tailed Kite is a wondorous element of our tour Florida: The South, the Keys and the Dry Tortugas. You can read Gavin Bieber’s account of his latest tour to this spectacular region here.

Photo: Chris Wood

From the Home/From the Field

September 23: Jake Mohlmann has just completed our always-popular Arizona & Utah tour and reports:

 We just finished up our WINGS tour through northern Arizona and southern Utah, traveling just over 2,000 miles of... (more)

August 31: Rich Hoyer reports from our second Mato Grosso/Cristalino tour in Brazil

Our second Marvelous Mato Grosso tour this summer was in reverse order, so our first six days of birding in the Pantanal... (more)

August 23: Jon Feenstra reprorts from Sani Lodge, Ecuador

We just got back from a fun and successful tour to the lowland Amazon Rainforest of eastern Ecuador. We were based for a... (more)

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WINGS Publications

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Our Leaders & Staff

Luke Seitz

Image of Luke Seitz

Luke Seitz’s birding career took off when a brilliant male Scarlet Tanager graced his Connecticut yard when he was only six years old. Birds then became an all-encompassing focus and he hasn’t looked back since. Luke graduated from... (more)

Featured Tour

Georgia in Autumn: Migration Along the Black Sea

featured image

Georgia in autumn is a birding secret that needs sharing. We favor beginning on the impressive Javakheti Plateau, a high-altitude area of gorges, farmland, steppe, and lakes populated by raptors possibly including Lammergier and vast numbers of waterbirds, followed by a stretch of the old Silk Road leading into the mighty Lesser Caucasus to search... (more)

AZ Birding

Coming to southeastern Arizona and want guiding help for just a day or two? Find an excellent guide at AZ-Birding.



The following tour bird lists and narratives have been posted recently to the WINGS website.