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“Birds and…” Tours

North America

Mexico, Central, and South America

Europe and the Middle East


Our “Birds and…” series offers tours that combine birdwatching with other pursuits, usually cultural but sometimes involving different aspects of natural history. 

The Birds and Music tours are often built around a music festival, with birdwatching in the mornings or occasionally before or after the festival. In a few cases, we craft our own “festival” from an array of independent musical offerings.

The Birds and History tours tend to visit places of great archaeological interest, many of them also excellent for birds, especially during migration. Birds and History tours vary a bit in their mix of birdwatching and culture, but in all cases the itinerary makes the division of activities clear.

Each Birds and… tour is conducted by leaders who combine superior birding skills with expertise in music, history, lepidoptery, and so on. Generally a single leader is skilled in both arenas, but in some cases we use two leaders, each with a particular focus to her or his expertise.

The Birds and… tours have been enduringly popular, particularly with birders whose traveling companion’s interests may not be so intensely ornithological. We highly recommend them.