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Private Tours

WINGS has arranged private tours around the world — from one day to more than 30 days and for groups of one to 20 persons from bird clubs, universities, audubon societies and collections of friends. If traveling when and where you want, alone or in a company of your own choosing, is appealing, a private tour may make sense for you.

WINGS can organize private tours over any itinerary we’ve operated in the last few years. In certain cases, with local help, we’ve run successful private tours using itineraries with which we were largely unfamiliar.

As a general rule, planning for private tours of more than a few days should begin as early as possible. WINGS leaders’ schedules for any given year are normally set six to nine months before the start of the year. Private tours organized before that time normally will not encounter as many date restrictions as will those commenced after WINGS leaders’ schedules are set.

When WINGS organizes a private tour, a senior WINGS leader must accompany the group. Large groups often ask for the services of a single WINGS leader and provide a second (and sometimes third…) leader themselves, a significant economy.

As a rule of thumb, private tours for groups of seven or more can often be offered for less than the same tour as it appears in our website. Private tours for larger or smaller groups will normally be less or more expensive respectively.

While some of the private tours we’ve arranged have been complicated, WINGS leaders like private tours as the groups tend to be companionable and fun. If you would like to explore the possibility further, please contact the WINGS office.