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If you’re an old hand, we hope our program is of interest.  If you’re new to birding tours, you might find our essay “Choosing a Birding Tour” helpful.

What's New

South Africa: Marion Island Cruise - Land extensions, Jan 17 - Feb 7 2021, with Ethan Kistler -- South Africa is world-renowned for its incredible... (more)

Zambia, Nov 24 - Dec 8 2021, with Ethan Kistler -- Zambia is a wonderfully scenic country in the middle... (more)

Uganda: Shoebills to Gorillas, Jun 20 - Jul 9 2020, with Brian Finch and Paul Tamwenya -- Uganda is the jewel in the crown of East Africa, generally... (more)

Oregon: Birds & Theater, 21-27 August 2020, with Rich Hoyer and Ethan Kistler -- The Oregon Shakespeare Festival began as a three-day... (more)

Lesser Antilles, 7-20 February 2021, with Ryan Chenery -- These 10 stunningly beautiful Caribbean islands form... (more)

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Recent Publication: The Birds of Gambell and St. Lawrence Island: Western Field Ornithologists has recently published Paul Lehman’s... (more)

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Guaranteed Tours

Belize 14-24 March.

Jamaica 14-22 March.

Nepal 16-29 March.

Colorado Lekking Grouse 3-13 April.

Philippines 5-20 April. One space.

Texas: the Upper Coast 9-16 April. 

Texas: Edwards Plateau & Big Bend 17 - 26 April. One space.

Florida: The South, the Keys and the Dry Tortugas 19-26 April. One space.

Estonia in Spring 28 April-5 May.

Migration in the Midwest 6-17 May.

Alaska: Gambell, Nome, and the Pribilofs 28 May-6 June. Extensions to 11 June.

Mongolia 1-16 June. One space.

Uganda 20 June-9 July.

Ecuador: Mindo and the Northwest Andes 11-19 June.

Full list of guaranteed departures with space

Private Tours

WINGS organizes private tours worldwide. Details here.

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Blue Dacnis females are an attractive sight on our tour Brazil: Minas Gerais.

From the Field

February 11: Steve Howell and Luke Seitz on their just-completed cruise, Antarctic Peninsula and around Cape Horn

Steve Howell and Luke Seitz report on the inaugural... (more)

February 4: Jake Mohlman on his recently completed tour, Arizona: A Winter Week in the Southeast

Our winter week in Southeastern Arizona covered... (more)

January 19: Jared Clarke on his recently concluded winter tour in Newfoundland

Our popular “Newfoundland in Winter”... (more)

January 16: Steve Howell on his recently completed Mexican tour to San Blas

As always, the birds kept us busy, but in a relaxed... (more)

January 7: Gavin Bieber on his recently completed tour, Australia: Queensland and New South Wales

Our Eastern Australia Tour kicked off with a... (more)

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Our Leaders & Staff

David Fisher

Image of David Fisher

David Fisher was born in Cardiff in 1954. Casually interested in birds from an early age, he started birding on October 11, 1969, when he accidentally flushed a Kingfisher from under a bridge near his home. Joining the local bird club, he made friends... (more)

Featured Tour

Spring Migration in the Midwest - Eastern Wood Warblers including Kirtland's

featured image

There may be no better place to witness the spring passage of songbirds than the Midwest. The three main eastern migration routes converge here and since the birds are nearing their breeding grounds the males are usually in full and vigorous song. With impressive, often spectacular numbers and diversity of migrants on the best days, the Midwest is... (more)

AZ Birding

Coming to southeastern Arizona and want guiding help for just a day or two? Find an excellent guide at AZ-Birding.