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WINGS Tour Leaders – Susan Myers

Susan Myers

Image of Susan Myers

Susan Myers has been birding and traveling in Asia for over thirty years now, something she can’t quite believe herself! She is passionate about Asia and its wildlife. She also strongly believes that the combination of incredible and diverse wildlife, ancient and fascinating cultures, and the best food in the world are unique to this amazing continent. For more than 20 years Susan has led tours throughout Asia, including countless trips to the Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Indonesia, over 30 tours to Vietnam, and many tours of India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Japan, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines, as well as Madagascar, West Papua, the Pacific islands and, of course, Australia. She is fluent in Japanese as well as Indonesian/Malaysian.

Susan was born in Melbourne to convict ancestry dating back to the establishment of the city, when her shoe-stealing forebearer was released from Port Arthur in Tasmania and came to Melbourne in 1836 to start a new life. She has been a birder and passionate naturalist since early childhood, running around barefoot in the Aussie bush chasing birds, lizards, and (a peculiar childhood interest in) aquatic insects. Her experiences in Asia started at an early age when a short trip to Singapore cast a spell on her, never to be broken. That first sighting of a sunbird in the tropical rainforest led to the purchase of King’s The Birds of South East Asia, which she obsessively memorized. After her university studies in biological sciences, she moved to Japan where she lived for four years, learning the language and studying the natural history and culture, she has traveled there regularly ever since. A few years in Japan and extended travel and birding all over the region further strengthened her deep love of the wildlife and culture of Asia. Susan has also worked as a scuba instructor on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, showing international visitors this marine wonder of the world.  She has published many papers and articles on ornithology and general ecology in a variety of respected magazines, scientific journals and books. She has published many papers and articles on ornithology and general ecology in a variety of respected magazines, scientific journals and books. She is the author of the revised edition Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, published in 2016, a general guide to the wildlife of South East Asia, and the recently published Bird Name Book, which has been voted as runner up best of 2022 by the ABA Birding Book Club. Susan’s deep affection for and appreciation of Asia and its wildlife, her language skills, and her understanding of the different cultures of this region ensure an enriching dimension to your tour.

Susan is also an accomplished photographer. You can enjoy her images of birds and other wildlife at


"I thoroughly enjoyed touring with Susan. The mix of birds, wildlife and culture was perfect. I benefited greatly from Susan's knowledge of Japan, its people, wildlife, culture, and history." 
- Keith K. on Japan in Winter

"Susan knows the country and the people. Her language fluency helped us to experience Japan in more intimate detail and made it personal."
- Sandra J. on Japan in Winter

"Susan's knowledge of the birds and culture of Indonesia made for a wonderful tour." 
- Keith G. on Indonesia: The Lesser Sundas

Updated: August 2021