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WINGS Tour Leaders – Stephen Menzie

Stephen Menzie

Image of Stephen Menzie

Like many of our leaders, Stephen Menzie's interest in birds goes as far back as he can remember. His earliest avian memories are House Sparrows and tits on the feeder that his parents erected outside the living patio window when he was a toddler (which was a blessing for them, too, as Stephen used to sit quietly for hours on end watching the birds come and go). By the age of two-and-a-half he could (per his parents) separate Blue and Great Tits and male and female sparrows. His interests haven’t changed dramatically in the following two-and-a-half decades: passerines are still his favorite group, and he holds a deep interest in identification, molt, and ageing. 

Stephen has spent several years of his life living and working abroad, first as a ringer in Spain and then at Falsterbo Bird Observatory, Sweden. He has travelled across the ‘wider’ Western Palearctic, with some of his fondest birding memories coming from the high peaks or the Pyrenees and the deserts of Morocco and Oman. A member of the British Birds editorial board, Stephen can often be found with his head in his laptop, reading, writing or reviewing a paper. Originally from Liverpool, he now lives in London where he works in natural history app development. When he’s not doing something bird related, Stephen enjoys nothing more than an evening at the ballet.



"Stephen Menzie is a wonderful guide and brings a vast source of knowledge about the local birds. He has an uncanny ability to locate birds by ear. In addition, he also had a store of interesting stories of birds, birding and adventures in Oman and was always willing to answer questions. I really enjoy traveling with guides that bring more than just the location and identification of birds. I would recommend Stephen to anyone considering one of his tours and would definitely travel with him as a guide again."
- Eva L. on Oman

"Stephen was excellent. Top notch guide, wonderful with all of us on the tour as well as dealing with the logistics with the locals. He was very good about directing his attention equally to all of us."
- Mary G. on Morocco in Spring

"Stephen is an exceptional guide, particularly for someone relatively young. He combines superb birding skills (especially by ear) with an impressive ability to manage overall logistics, and problems as they come up."  
- Malcolm B. on Morocco in Spring

Updated: February 2017