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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Hawaii: Rainbow of Birds

We’ll begin our birding in paradise right away with the stunning White Tern in downtown Waikiki. Some of the introduced species, such as Red-crested Cardinal, are true beauties. But soon we’ll head for the hills and the native forest. Then we’ll work the coast for breeding seabirds such as Red-tailed Tropicbird… And native waterbirds such as the endemic Hawaiian Coot. Of course, we’ll enjoy lots of great food, including “plate lunch” which can be enjoyed at any meal! Our Kauai experience will begin at Kiluea NWR… …with breeding Nenes and a host of seabirds. The flooded taro fields of Hanalei NWR host a variety of waterbirds… …including Hawaiian Duck. We’ll seek the remaining endemic landbirds in the forests of the Na’Pali Kona. Such as Kauai Elepaio (here, an inquisitive juvenile), …and the crowd favorite: the I’iwi! Kokee SP provides another opportunity for endemics, along with breathtaking views. On the Big Island, we’ll travel in comfort with Hawaii Forest and Trails. We’ll visit the active volcanoes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park… Where we might find ourselves birding in old lavafields. Heading over to the wet side of the island and Hakalau NWR… More native woodlands will host the Big Island’s endemics… …such as Hawai’i Amakihi… …and if we’re really lucky, the critically endangered Akiapola’au While in the dry forest, we’ll seek species such as the Palila. The fabulous Hawaiian Hawk will be among the many Endangered endemics that this tour will provide. And what’s remarkable about Hawai’i is vagrants from any direction can appear, such as Snow Geese from North America for a Slaty-backed Gull from Asia!