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WINGS Tour Leaders – Roland Rumm

Roland Rumm

Image of Roland Rumm

Roland Rumm fell into the world of birding rather recently, but has quickly established himself as a quality guide due to a life long passion for the tropics and nature in general.

Roland was born in Germany and moved to Honduras with his parents when he was 12 years old. His new surroundings (the tropics of the New World) captured Roland’s interest and he spent his teens exploring most of the northern Honduran coast as well as the islands of the western Caribbean. Roland wasn’t exposed to many birders in his early years, and didn’t really enter this fascinating hobby until 2015. He has since spent many thousands hours in the field, and now leads birding tours professionally throughout northern Central America. He has discovered three country records for Honduras and is a regional eBird reviewer in the area. 

Roland has a vast knowledge of local culture and history and is well-known throughout the region. As noted by a client: the secret password for Central America might just be to mention “Roland Rumm”, as it seems to open all doors and produces very happy faces!

Roland lives together with his wife Julia and their two sons on the island of Guanaja, 40 miles north of Trujillo, Honduras. This is where he can be found whenever he’s not in the lowland rainforests of the region or on some remote volcano in Guatemala.



"Roland was a spectacular addition as local leader to the trip.  He is so positive, energetic, and helpful.  He would do anything to help us and that was greatly appreciated.  His birding knowledge is also exceptional.  He worked so well with Luke and was continual finding birds to show us.  He has amazing field skills and know the regional birds so well.  Roland also added so much when it came to culture and history.  I loved asking him about these topics and he could talk at length about what seemed like anything.  For those of us who love immersing ourselves in all aspects of another country, having a local leader like Roland just made the trip!"

- Andy F. on Guatemala

Updated: May 2022