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WINGS Tour Leaders – J Quillén Vidoz

J Quillén Vidoz

Image of J Quillén Vidoz

Julián Quillén Vidoz was born in central Argentina where he started watching and painting birds at an early age. He moved to Patagonia when his parents went to live in Lago Puelo National Park, where he spent his adolescence learning about birds, mammals and amphibians.

He decided to follow his father’s profession and become a park ranger. Once out of high school he spent his time doing birds inventories and volunteer surveys. In 2004 he was invited to participate in a study about the migration of Tyrannus flycatchers in Bolivia and this totally changed his life. Ultimately instead of becoming a park ranger he spent the next ten years in that country studying, guiding and enjoying nature.

Julian is co-author and illustrator of the new field guide about Birds of Bolivia and he has also participated in several distribution, natural history, birdwatching and migration publications in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

Currently, he lives in his home country of Argentina, where apart from guiding he likes to organize pelagic trips from Mar del Plata (south of Buenos Aires), record bird songs and paint nature scenes.

Updated: May 2018