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WINGS Tour Leaders – Ed Corey

Ed Corey

Image of Ed Corey

Ed Corey grew up with a love for biodiversity and the outdoors. When he wasn’t roaming the woods as a kid in rural Eastern North Carolina, he was poring over every field guide and natural history book he could find, reciting facts for family and friends whenever the opportunity arose (and sometimes even when it didn’t)!  He took this zest for learning with him to North Carolina State University, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Zoology, Wildlife Sciences, and Botany. After graduating, Ed found his dream job as the Inventory Biologist for NC State Parks, where he has been monitoring populations of rare and endangered animal and plant species across his home state since 2006. His passion for studying the organisms around him is just as palpable with birds and mammals as it is with reptiles, amphibians, and insects. 

Since 2016, Ed has been helping as a spotter with Seabirding trips on the Stormy Petrel II out of Hatteras, NC, where he’s learned under world-class pelagic birders, Brian Patteson and Kate Sutherland. These experiences on the water have further strengthened his admiration of and appreciation for seabirds and marine mammals. Ed was previously a member of the NC Bird Records Committee. When not working or offshore, you can find him planning his next natural history trips to South Texas or Southeast Arizona.

Updated: May 2023