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Upcoming Guaranteed Departures with Space Available

Jamaica with Rich Hoyer - Twenty-seven endemic bird species and a host of Antillean and neotropical specialties in atmospheric surroundings. 6-13 April.

Lesvos with Killian Mullarney and Steve Rooke - A one-hotel tour full of passing migrants and local breeders, all on a magnificent Greek Isle. 17-25 April.

Georgia and South Carolina: Birding the American Civil War with Jon Dunn - Explore the history and birds of sites associated with the American Civil War. 20-26 April.

Oregon in Spring with Rich Hoyer - Oregon hosts an avian diversity greater than any other area in the world at a similar latitude—especially in woodpeckers and owls. Our tour explores this diversity from coastal wetlands up through coniferous forests and into the sagebrush deserts of the east. 13-24 May.

Mongolia with Paul French - Windswept steppes, taiga forest, and the Gobi desert; all striking images of this country, and all full of birds. Comfortable tent lodging in beautiful locations. 21 May-5 June.

China: Sichuan with Paul Holt and Wang Qingyu - Some of the best birding in the Middle Kingdom with many endemic species amongst varied habitats and wild, mountainous terrain. 26 May-14 June.

Upcoming tours (with space available) due to confirm soon:

Maryland and West Virginia with Jon Dunn - More than 25 species of warbler at the height of breeding season, plus Civil War history and the scenic Appalachian Mountains. June 18 - 25.

Ecuador: Mindo and the Northwest Andes with Luke Seitz - Superb Andean birding with up to 40 hummingbird species. 29 June-7 July.

Alaska: Fall Migration at Gambell & the Pribilofs with Luke Seitz and Raymond VanBuskirk - The ultimate birding destination in North America. Scores of seabirds compete with high potential for post-breeding Asian vagrants in a very remote corner of the planet. 30 August-7 September, Pribilofs to 12 September.

Updated: February 2019