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Upcoming Guaranteed Departures with Space Available

Maryland and West Virginia with Jon Dunn - More than 25 species of warbler at the height of breeding season, plus Civil War history and the scenic Appalachian Mountains. 16-23 June.

Borneo with Susan Myers - Borneo is a naturalist’s dream with a host of birds including 48 endemics, a charismatic mammal fauna, and many unusual reptiles. 3-17 August.

Romania: Birds and Medieval Monasteries with Tudor Blaj - Sought-after birds such as Pygmy Cormorant and Pied Wheatear along with spectacular medieval monasteries and three days on a houseboat in the Danube Delta. 15-24 August.

Peninsular Malaysia with Susan Myers - A short tour split between the cool highlands of Fraser’s Hill and lowland forest of Taman Negara with target birds including Malaysian Peacock-Pheasant, Great Argus, Rail Babbler, and Giant Pitta. 19-30 August.

Alaska: Fall Migration at Gambell and the Pribilofs with Luke Seitz and Raymond VanBuskirk - The ultimate birding destination in North America. Scores of seabirds compete with high potential for post-breeding Asian vagrants in a very remote corner of the planet. 30 August-7 September, Pribilofs to 12 September.

South Africa with Steve Rooke - Almost 100 endemic or near-endemic birds plus spring wildflowers in the desert. Birding experiences range from the dry scrub of the Kalahari to coastal marshes to offshore currents with large congregations of seabirds. 1-15 September. One space remains. 

Madagascar with Brian Finch - Evolution has run wild on this remote African island with a mind-boggling degree of endemism. 5-22 September.

Upcoming tours (with space available) due to confirm soon:

Colombia with Trevor Ellery - Spectacular scenery, stunning birds, and loads of endemics highlight this 3 week tour. 24 August-12 September. One space remains.

Chile: Tierra del Fuego to the Atacama Desert with Steve Howell & Raymond VanBuskirk - Birding the breadth of this spectacular country, from southern rainforests and coastal glaciers to the northern Atacama desert. 4-20 November.

Updated: February 2019