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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Texas: The Rio Grande Valley in Spring

Our trip to South Texas will include visits to varied habitats. On the coast we’ll encounter birds such as Roseate Spoonbills… (mo) Credit:  …comical Purple Gallinules… (rh) Credit:  …and secretive Soras, one of three possible railsp. Credit:  We’ll travel up the Rio Grande Valley’s riparian corridor seeking specialties like North America’s largest oriole, the Altamira… (mo) Credit:  …the odd and very vocal Plain Chachalaca, the only member of its family found in the US… (lb) Credit:  …noisy Golden-fronted Woodpeckers… (lb) Credit:  …stunning, but sometimes skulky Green Jays… Credit:  …and perhaps their much rarer relative, the Brown Jay.  (mo) Credit:  We’ll also visit the drier country to the north of the river where we’ll likely find the elegant Scissor-tailed Flycatcher….(BR) Credit:  …the <em>oberholseri</em> race of Curve-billed Thrasher… (lb) Credit:  …or small coveys of charming Northern Bobwhite. (lb) Credit:  It’s hard to focus solely on birds as there are a wealth of other creature like these walking sticks - the female is over 6 inches long! (lb) Credit:  Reptiles are well represented, and though we would be lucky to encounter snakes, turtles such as these Red-eared Sliders… Credit:  …or the long-necked Chicken Turtle… (lb) Credit:  …and toads such as this Gulf Coast Toad are sure to be present. (lb) Credit:  The butterfly and dragonfly diversity in the valley is astounding and we may run into such living gems as this Zebra Longwing… Credit:  …this male Roseate Skimmer… Credit: