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WINGS Birding Tours – Itinerary


Friday 21 February to Friday 6 March 2020
with Paul French as leader

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Senegal is one of the few places to see the enigmatic Quail Plover. Photo: Kevin Du Rose

Africa’s Sahel region is vast and surprisingly little visited by western birders. Sandwiched between the Sahara Desert to the north and the lush forests of Upper Guinea to the south, it consists mostly of dry savannah and semi-deserts but also supports some of West Africa’s most important wetlands.  The Sahel holds a wealth of special birds not easily found elsewhere, and Senegal offers the most easily accessible route into this remarkable region.

We’ll begin in Senegal’s buzzing capital, Dakar, then travel to its northern reaches bordering the Senegal River. Here the dry acacia and semi-desert areas hold several specialties, including the often-demonstrative Cricket Warbler and the far more retiring Little Grey Woodpecker and Sennar Penduline Tit. We’ll also search for the formerly near-mythical Golden Nightjar, which is now seen regularly in these parts. Arabian and Savile’s Bustards roam the arid grasslands, and for a total contrast we’ll also visit the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary’s wetlands, home to vast numbers of waterbirds and perhaps a few surprises such as Allen’s Gallinule. Moving south and east, we’ll hope for a few enigmatic birds, with Quail Plover featuring high on the most-wanted list, and spectacles such as the famous roost of Scissor-tailed Kites and Lesser Kestrels numbering in the tens of thousands. Continuing into the hilly and more wooded southeast region where Egyptian Plover has in recent years delighted us by our camp, we should be fortunate enough to spot African Finfoot, Adamawa Turtle Dove, and Red-throated Bee-eater. The real prize here will be the Kulikoro Firefinch with a host of other uncommon species such as White-fronted Black Chat and Pied-winged Swallow to entertain.

In addition to offering a route into the Sahel, Senegal offers a fascinating cultural mix of old French colonialism and vibrant, contemporary cities and nightlife as a backdrop to some exceptional birdwatching.

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