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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Hungary: A Photographic Tour

Hungary in spring provides us with a wealth of superb photographic subjects. Bee-eaters are numerous and we will spend time at their colonies, admiring their grace and agility. We’ll watch them perched, and in flight… or indulging in their courtship display. Red-footed Falcons use old rookeries for their nests, and we’ll visit a couple of large colonies to photograph this superbly elegant falcon. We’ll encounter both males… and females - all giving great views, and potential for some stunning images. It’s hard to stop taking photographs of this beautiful falcon! However there will be other subjects to distract us, such as smart male Red-backed Shrikes. Over the marshes we’ll encounter both Whiskered Terns… and Pygmy Cormorants,… while Rollers are a common sight perched along roadside wires. Lesser Grey Shrikes can be seen in good numbers, either in flight… or prominently perched on a bush looking for prey… whilst European Nightjar nests in the grounds of our lodge. Although birds are the main focus of our tour, we’ll make time for other species including amphibians and reptiles; such as this superb Sand Lizard… and numerous Green Lizards. Butterflies should be out in good numbers including the beautiful Large Copper… the pretty Mazarine Blue… and Pearly Heath,… while out amongst the extensive grasslands… we should find the delicately-marked Green-underside Blue. Dragonflies and Damselflies are well represented here, including the dainty White-legged Damselfly,… White-tipped Skimmer,… and the localised Large White-faced Darter. Our tour concludes with a very peaceful boat ride along the reed-fringed channels of Lake Kolon… where we’ll have a good chance of seeing Green-eyed Hawker.