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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: This policy details the information we collect from you and what we do with it. This is information collected when you have just requested information about a tour, requested to be added to our mailing list, or if you have booked on a tour. 

What data we collect: When you contact us to request information about our tours, either by phone, email or in person at events, we keep a note of your name, postal address, and email address if supplied. 

If you subsequently book on a tour, we additionally keep a record of your gender, passport details (date of issue, date of expiry, your date of birth), any dietary or other travel requirements, health issues or special needs you wish to make us aware of, your preferred contact in the event of an emergency, your home and/or mobile phone number, if supplied. We also keep a record of which tours you have travelled on with us. We also record the date that you contacted us and, if we have that information, how you first came to WINGS.

We do not use ‘cookies’ on our website or store any information on what use you have made of our website. We do not record or store any financial information such as bank account or credit card details. 

What we do with the data we collect: We will from time to time send you print or email newsletters. If you book on a tour we may need to send details of your passport to airlines to book flight tickets, or information on dietary issues to ground agents to notify hotels of any special diets, or to hotels directly. We also circulate a participant list of everyone taking part on a tour and circulate to everyone else on the tour. This list contains an abbreviated physical address (city/state/country) and your email address. We ask you at the time of booking if we can do this or if you prefer not to have your email address included. Your tour leader is also sent a copy of your passport details and information on any dietary or health issues to assist him with the running of the tour. If you have booked through us on a tour managed by our sister company Sunbird, we will send a copy of your booking form and the information contained therein to Sunbird. 

What we do not do with your data: We do not send or sell your data to any outside bodies or organizations for marketing or other purposes. Data is only sent to airlines, hotels and ground agents related to any tour you may have booked on as described above. 

How long do we keep your data: Your details are kept by us for as long as we need them (based on the original reason for contacting us). We conduct periodic reviews of your data and remove any that we feel is no longer needed. If you book on a tour your booking form and any associated correspondence is kept for a minimum of seven years as is legally required by HM Revenue and Customs. 

Your rights: You have the right to ask us to confirm if we have any information on you and to request a copy of that information (we will ask for identification to prove that you are you). 

You have the right at any time to request that we remove all data we hold on you, except where we have a legal requirement for purposes such as taxation/revenue. 

Updated: May 2018