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Upcoming Confirmed Tours with Space Remaining

Cuba with Jon Dunn - A close-to-home destination with a complicated history, our tour to this island nation targets regional endemic birds while sampling the culture, food, and famous music. 23 March-2 April.

Panama: Spring at the Canopy Tower with Gavin Bieber - Excellent neotropical birding from a single base: the acclaimed Canopy Tower. 28 March-3 April. Canopy Lodge extension to 8 April.

Colorado Lekking Grouse with Skye Haas and Jon Feenstra - Stunning Colorado scenery combined with sought-after birds. A match made in heaven. 4-14 April. One space remains.


Guatemala with Luke Seitz - Horned Guan, Pink-headed Warbler, and Goldman’s Warbler are among the treasures found in the cool highlands of this Mayan stronghold. 4-14 April. Extension to 18 April.

Updated: November 2021