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WINGS Tour Leaders – Trevor Ellery

Trevor Ellery

Image of Trevor Ellery

Trevor Ellery has lived in Colombia since 2008, dividing his time between guiding and working on investigation and conservation projects for ProAves. He has spent many months exploring remote areas of Colombia and was instrumental in locating the site of ProAves latest reserve which was set up to protect the endemic Gold-ringed Tanager. More recent adventures have included expeditions into the Eastern and Pacific lowlands, the latter of which located a substantial new population of the endemic Baudo Oropendola. On the rare occasion that he is not in the field Trevor tries to update his notes for the 1000 plus species he has seen in Colombia and attempts to put his sound-recordings in some kind of order.


"Trevor is a great birder, and good at managing the pace and intensity to stretch people but not too far. He is also skilled at pointing out birds and using the laser pointer effectively and ethically." 
- Richard L. on Colombia 2015

"I can't say enough about Trevor Ellery - not only did he deliver an excellent tour, he went above and beyond when I had a passport crisis and followed through to a solution." 
- Peter K. on Colombia 2019

"Trevor told us he had taken over the tour from another leader who had led it for years, and that this was his 2nd time here. I appreciated his candor. He was well prepared and worked smoothly with the ground support that he had. Trevor was very good about re-identifying birds previously seen, for those of us who needed remediation. He was very patient and accommodating which was no easy task as the skills among the group varied to the extreme. He was also quite gracious when questioned about an identification, never making the person feel inadequate or embarrassed. And when he felt unsure of an ID he would always have a good explanation the next day, having researched the previous night. And his enthusiasm was boundless." 
- Deanna M. on Venezuela 2015

Updated: December 2010