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WINGS Tour Leaders – Oli Reville

Oli Reville

Image of Oli Reville

Born in St Albans, England, Oliver (Oli) Reville discovered his love of wildlife from a young age via his parents, who are both keen birders. At the age of seven Oli moved to Norfolk, England, one of the country’s premier birding locations which fueled his interest even more. 

After just over a decade learning his craft in this great county he spread his wings further afield with initial birding trips to Spain. This is where his love for European birding was forged and where he gained initial experience planning private tours for friends and family to Norway, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, and Jordan to name a few. This experience translated into his first professional guiding job, leading tours in Portugal, Spain, Iceland, The United Kingdom, Turkey, and Georgia in recent years. 

Outside being a tour leader Oli completed a degree in Natural Sciences at the University of East Anglia in 2011 and he is now a self employed consultant and photographer. His recent work has seen him assist The One Stop Nature Shop in Norfolk, England where he specialises in advising on optics, trail cameras, and thermal imaging for watching wildlife. Oli is also a former teacher and taught in Spain before the covid pandemic hit. 

Oli’s love for European birding is infectious and clear to anyone that meets him. He has also travelled outside of the continent to Peru, West Africa, Jordan, and The United States. Oli is also a published photographer and undertook a conservation study in Georgia in 2014 looking at the effects of hunting on migratory birds of prey. 



"Olie is an excellent guide. He was always patient and helpful. He knew the birds we were looking for and was adept at getting everyone on the birds. He kept to schedule, which I think was hard with this group. He also helped me with a question about after the tour which I consider above and beyond."

- Marcia B. on Bulgaria in Spring

"Both Oli was knowledgable about the birds and the region. He was also knowledgeable about birds all over the world in general and could talk about where to see if particular species and when, even on the other side of the world. I was very impressed! He was also fun!"

- Carol N. on Bulgaria in Spring

Updated: July 2023