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WINGS Tour Leaders – Natasha Goriup

Natasha Goriup

Image of Natasha  Goriup

After taking a degree in Biology from the University of Odessa, Natasha Goriup joined the staff of the Danube Nature Reserve in Vilkovo, where she worked for 13 years as a plant ecologist and site manager. From 1992 to 1994 she was Deputy Director and Head of the Science Department; it was during this time that the reserve was declared a Transnational Biosphere Reserve, linked with Romania’s Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. In 1995, Natasha joined the Nature Conservation Bureau (UK) as a Project Manager, working on biodiversity issues in Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Abu Dhabi (UAE). Between 1997 and 2001, Natasha developed and managed the WWF Partners for Wetlands Project in Ukraine. She is now the Director of Odessa-based Salix Ltd, our ground agent in Ukraine. Natasha brings to our tours a deep knowledge of the natural world and an eagerness to inform her tour participants about all aspects of Ukrainian culture and history.

Updated: July 2010