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WINGS Tour Leaders – Kim Dean

Kim Dean

Image of Kim Dean

Kim Dean has been with WINGS for almost ten years as the Financial Manager. Right after starting with WINGS she received her BA in Accounting with honors from University of Phoenix. She was born in Detroit, Michigan and migrated to Tucson, Arizona in 1987. Working for WINGS has finally given her the answer to a life-long dilemma: “Why is that crazy woodpecker pecking on the chimney instead of wood?”. While she may never be a true birder, working for WINGS has opened her eyes to the birding world around her and given her an appreciation for nature from her indoor world. When not at WINGS she can either be found spending time with her family, at her sewing machine trying out something new for her next quilt or reading her Kindle which she hopes to someday be reading on a beach or cruise ship in Hawaii.

Updated: October 2019