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WINGS Tour Leaders – Greg Greene

Greg Greene

Image of Greg Greene

Greg Greene (pictured with “Chili” the office mascot) joined the WINGS team in January 2007. Having grown up in the rural countryside of northeastern Ohio and influenced by his grandmother’s curiosity in birds, it seemed inevitable that his path would lead him towards a career in natural history.

A graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington Greg spent nearly 6 years working in the field on various research projects focusing on avian physiology, migration, ecology, and speciation. Prior to joining WINGS Greg was a staff member at the University of Arizona’s Natural History Museum, where he had worked for a little over 3 years. In 2002 Greg was hired as a consultant by the Smithsonian Institute’s: Conservation & Research Center, and was sent to New Guinea where he spent nearly a year studying avian biogeography in addition to the famous, poisonous bird, the pitohui. Since 2003 Greg has been a part of research expeditions both in PNG and Irian Jaya, which have produced many interesting finds.

Greg is excited to be a part of the WINGS staff and is happy to call Tucson home, a city which he finds perfect for his active lifestyle. When not working you can be assured he’s either on his bike or hiking in the mountains.

Updated: September 2007