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WINGS Tour Leaders – Giorgi Darchiashvili

Giorgi Darchiashvili

Image of Giorgi Darchiashvili

Giorgi Darchiashvili is a member of Georgia’s Scientific Council on Biodiversity and a curator at the Tbilisi Zoo. He has participated in many wildlife conservation projects under the auspices of such leading organizations as the NACRES Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Research and the Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife. Widely traveled in Georgia and the Caucasus, Giorgio is a long-time participant in International Waterbird Counts; he was the IWC Coordinator for Georgia in 2003. In 2006 and 2007, he conducted bird identification training courses for Georgian wildlife inspectors.

In addition to his conservation work, Giorgi leads birding tours throughout Georgia. He has recently added butterflies to his natural history interests, and has begun the preparation of a series of illustrated publications to make those creatures more popular in the country. An accomplished wildlife photographer, Giorgio has published images in a number of local and international publications. When not looking at birds and butterflies, he can generally be found hiking or biking.


Updated: January 2015