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WINGS Tour Leaders – Diego Calderón

Diego Calderón

Image of Diego Calderón

Diego, a biologist from the Universidad de Antioquia in Colombia, has been leading bird-tours for ten years. As well as birdwatching extensively throughout his native country he has been part of expeditions exploring poorly known remote areas in Colombia finding many additional species for the Colombian list as well as being involved with the finding and description of the endemic Antioquia Wren. With friends he has just found Buff-throated Tody-Tyrant another new species for Colombia. He has twice visited the endemic-packed Pirre mountains in the Darien, and he is one of the very few people to have climbed high into the Santa Marta Mountains to find the Blue-bearded Helmetcrest and Santa Marta Wren, both which he photographed and voice-recorded. His former academic research includes sexual display behaviour of manakins, natural history of migratory birds, and the systematics and relationships of Galloanserae (chicken-like and duck-like birds). Besides Colombia, Diego has also guided bird-tours in Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, and Madagascar. Digiscoping is one of Diego’s passions in the field, as well as spotting and photographing wild orchids.

Updated: July 2016