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WINGS Tour Leaders – Derek Lovitch

Derek Lovitch

Image of Derek Lovitch

Derek Lovitch is a career biologist with a lifelong passion for birds. He has worked on avian research and education projects in nine states, from New Jersey to Hawaii and from Florida to Michigan. He also spent three summers as a tour guide on Alaska’s Pribilof Islands; he served as tour director there in 2003, and organized and conducted the first comprehensive Fall Avian Survey in the island’s history.

Derek and his wife, Jeannette, have settled down in Pownal, Maine, where they own and operate the Freeport Wild Bird Supply, a retail store catering to birders of all levels. The store serves as a vehicle for Derek to share his enthusiasm for birding, birds, and bird conservation.

Derek formerly served on his town’s Conservation Commission, and with Jeannette founded the Bradbury Mountain Raptor Research Project. Active in many birding and conservation issues in Maine, he also works as a consultant, conducting bird surveys in the state. Yet somehow he still finds to time to bird just about every day: whether guiding for private clients, organizing pelagic trips, or simply working on his local patch list, hardly a day goes by when Derek isn’t in the field. 

Derek’s first book, titled How To Be a Better Birder, was published in March 2012 by Princeton University Press and his second, Birdwatching in Maine: A Site Guide, was published by the University Press of New England in April 2017.  He was also the “Tools of the Trade” Department Editor for Birding Magazine for 6 years, and his writing has also appeared in Birder’s World, Bird Observer, Bird Watcher’s Digest, NJ Audubon, and Winging It. He is the author of A Birder’s Guide to Whitefish Point (Michigan) and wrote the text and designed the Birds of the Maine Backyard folding guide. Along with birding, Derek enjoys hiking, exploring new natural areas, developing his native plant garden, craft beer, and eating.


Updated: February 2019