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WINGS Tour Leaders – Deepal Warakagoda

Deepal Warakagoda

Image of Deepal Warakagoda

Deepal Warakagoda lives in Sri Lanka, where he where operates The Bird and Wildlife Team, our ground agents on the island.
One of Sri Lanka’s most active birders, Deepal is co-editor of the Ceylon Bird Club’s bulletin. He recently discovered the hitherto unknown Serendib Scops Owl, the first new Sri Lankan bird in 132 years. Deepal also has the discovery of numerous significant range expansions to his credit, most recently Sri Lanka’s previously unknown population of Marshall’s Iora. WINGS has been working with Deepal since our very first Sri Lanka tour, in 1996.



"Deepal's knowledge and experience with the birds of Sri Lanka are beyond compare. He found all the endemics and many regional specialties, sometimes with excruciating effort, and always confirming each birder had satisfactory looks."
- Peter D. on Sri Lanka

"Deepal is an excellent leader and a pleasure to travel with. He made sure everyone saw every bird possible. He was very concerned with everyone's safety and comfort wherever possible. How he found all those birds is amazing to me!" 
- Laura P. on Sri Lanka

"Deepal was awesome, he really made extraordinary efforts for us to have the maximum experience. We were fortunate to have him as our guide!"
- William J. on Sri Lanka

Updated: February 2006