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Steve Howell Reports from Honduras

March 07: Steve Howell Reports from Honduras

Steve Howell reports from the conclusion of another great tour to Honduras, a perfect winter getaway to sun and wonderful birding—here lunch under shady trees with a delightful ocean breeze to cool things off.

Birds among almost 300 species we found in our short tour ranged from showy Keel-billed Toucans aka ‘flying bananas’...

To the poorly known Slate-colored Seedeater, here an easily overlooked immature male.

Four species of motmots included the dazzling Turquoise-browed...

And the retiring little Tody Motmot.

A good diversity of hummingbirds included the very local Green-breasted Mountain-gem.

As well as seeing the endemic Honduran Emerald, we studied the endemic ‘Honduran Wren’—a cryptic taxon of Rufous-naped (aka Rufous-backed) Wren that probably should be split as a full species.

The rarest bird of the trip, however, was this oddball trogon, a presumed hybrid between Collared and Gartered—and its voice was as puzzling as its appearance! Photo by participant Howard Heffler.

All in all, from Resplendent Quetzals in bromeliad-laden cloud forest...

To American Pygmy Kingfishers in quiet coastal backwaters it was a trip of great birds and great memories.

Posted: March 07, 2023