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Ethan Kistler reports from the land of fire and ice. 

June 21: Ethan Kistler reports from the land of fire and ice. 

Iceland is famous for its dramatic landscape of volcanoes, glaciers, picturesque waterfalls, and stunning vistas. That in itself brings many tourists to this remote island nation. The first of two back-to-back Iceland tours has concluded where we had the stately White-tailed Eagle, a breeding pair of Gyrfalcons, bustling alcid colonies, copious breeding shorebirds, over a dozen Orcas, an Arctic Fox, and even a vagrant Black-and-white Warbler. Iceland never disappoints and I’m excited to begin the second tour tomorrow for a whole new group of birders!

Goðafoss "waterfall of the gods" is one of the most spectacular waterfalls of Iceland

Þingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has exposed North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. It is here that the world’s first democratically elected parliament that remains functioning, Alþingi, was formed in 930 AD.

Black-and-white Warbler was a nice bonus and only the 4th record for Iceland.

Hundreds or thousands of Northern Fulmars can be seen daily nesting on coastal cliffs.

This Atlantic Puffin was photographed during the midnight sun giving it an orange glow.

Posted: June 21, 2021