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Jared Clarke on his recently concluded winter tour in Newfoundland

January 19: Jared Clarke on his recently concluded winter tour in Newfoundland

Our popular “Newfoundland in Winter” tour has drawn to a close for yet another year, with five intrepid birders braving the elements to score some wonderful winter birds. Participants came from throughout the United States to enjoy the diversity of northern species that call this island home – and they were not disappointed. Early surprises came in the form of rare visitors from very different directions – a Pink-footed Goose from Europe and a Hermit Warbler from western North America! Always a highlight, Dovekies (aka “bullbirds” to local Newfoundlanders) put in an excellent showing and even allowed some very (very!) close encounters. After a couple early misses, we also connected with two flocks of Purple Sandpipers – a special moment for several of our guests. Local celebrities such as Great Cormorants, Eurasian Wigeon and several dozen Tufted Ducks were of course on full display. Extra time spent exploring the sub-arctic tundra were rewarded with great views of some of the world’s southernmost caribou foraging in the snow. A beautiful encounter with two Willow Ptarmigan on our last afternoon rounded off a fantastic week of winter birding in the North Atlantic!

Pink-footed Goose


Purple Sandpiper


Willow Ptarmigan

Winter birding in Newfoundland is a wonderful experience

Posted: January 19, 2020