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Cash Discount

NOTE: WINGS will deduct 4% from most WINGS invoices for the tour balance (at invoicing time) if payment is made by personal or cashier’s check, ACH transfer, or bank transfer/wire if the payment is received in the WINGS office by the “payment due by” date noted on the invoice.

The Fine Print

1. The discount does not apply to the initial tour deposit. (So the deposit can be paid by credit card upon registration, and the cash discount still applies to the final balance at invoicing.)

2. The discount applies to check, ACH and bank transfer/wire payments only if they are received in the WINGS office prior to tour confirmation (as listed on the invoice). Most payments within three months are typically due by credit card.

3. The amount of the potential discount will be noted on the invoice.

4. The cash discount only applies to invoice payments in USD.

5. Some cruise invoices and most private tour invoices are listed at cash pricing already, so no additional discount will be applied.

Updated: June 2022