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WINGS Birding Tours – Itinerary

Brazil Northeast: Bahia the Beautiful

November - December 2019
with Fabrice Schmitt as leader

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Indigo Macaws Photo: Fabrice Schmitt

Among Brazilians Bahia is known as a cultural hotspot celebrated for exotic food, mysterious religions and energetic dance forms. But it’s also a natural history wonderland, encompassing nearly all that Brazil has to offer in its unique habitats. From coastal restinga woodland, to interior caatinga, to the moist mata atlântica of the hilly south, to the extremely localized viney mata de cipó, to the complex mix of habitats at Chapada Diamantina National Park, we’ll make a circuit through this largest of the northeastern states in search of its varied avifauna and local endemic species.

We’ll begin the tour looking for the endangered Indigo Macaw, with a world population estimated to be less than 1,000 individuals. Staying at a lodge protecting the land and native palms the macaws need for their survival, we have a great chance to see flocks of this stunning bird returning to their evening roosts (along with plenty of other interesting species nearby). We’ll then spend a few days in the fantastically scenic Chapada Diamantina, one of Brazil’s national park gems. Reminiscent the Tepuis of Venezuela, several plateaus surrounded by impressive cliffs host a unique type vegetation as well as a long list of endemic and specialized birds: Hooded Visorbearer, Sincora and Caatinga Antwrens, Diamantina Tapaculo, São Francisco Sparrow, Pale-throated Pampa-Finch, Black-throated Saltator, and many more. To complete our tour, we’ll explore the northern part of the threatened Atlantic Forest. Staying at a wonderful lodge at Serra Bonita and visiting several coastal sites, we have great chance to find the vulnerable Pink-legged Graveteiro (a monotypic genus discovered only 25 years ago); the endemic Bahia Tyrannulet, Bahia Antwren, and Bahia Spinetail; the minute Buff-throated Purpletuft; the stunning Banded and White-winged Cotingas; and a multitude of more widespread but fabulous species such as Pin-tailed Manakin, White-shouldered Fire-eye, Spot-billed Toucanet, and plenty of colourful tanagers.

In 2019 this tour can be taken back-to-back with our Brazil: Minas Gerais tour.

Detailed day-by-day itinerary coming soon.

Updated: 07 August 2017


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