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WINGS Tour Leaders – Paul French

Paul French

Image of Paul French

Paul French is a Sunbird leader whose life-long passion for birds and natural history led to him graduating university with a degree in wildlife conservation. This was followed by several years of short term contract work around the length and breadth of Britain, including two years as assistant warden at Fair Isle Bird Observatory, three seasons on Shetland working for the RSPB studying seabirds and breeding waders, and a winter in deepest Cornwall producing an atlas of the county’s Barn Owls. Full time employment soon beckoned, and after a further six years working for the RSPB as a warden and then habitat restoration advisor, he branched out and became a freelance ornithologist. Travel has always been a big part of Paul’s life, and he has birded extensively in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. Paul is the Chairman of the British Birds Rarities Committee, a position that calls for as much diplomacy as identification knowledge! In addition to birds, he has a great interest in mammals and a developing love of all things creepy and crawly.


Updated: January 2015