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If you’re an old hand, we hope our program is of interest.  If you’re new to birding tours, you might find our essay “Choosing a Birding Tour” helpful.

What's New

Guyana, Jan 26 - Feb 8 2015, with Fabrice Schmitt -- Guyana is a neglected jewel of Neotropical birding. Long overshadowed by its better-known neighbors... added September 2013 (more)

Colombia: The Santa Marta Mountains, Mar 21-29, 2015, with Fabrice Schmitt -- Colombia is well known for its great diversity of habitats and high level of bird endemism. This is... added June 2014 (more)

Indonesia: Java and Sumatra, Aug 1-22, 2015, with Susan Myers -- Indonesia is the largest archipelago of islands in the world and has more endemic bird species than... added August 2014 (more)

Indonesia: Sulawesi and Halmahera, Aug 28 - Sep 17 2015, with Susan Myers -- The Indonesian province of Sulawesi, formerly known as the Celebes, is the large, rather odd-shaped... added June 2014 (more)

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Steve Howell’s new book: Steve Howell’s long-awaited book, The Amazing World of Flyingfish,... (more)

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On the remarkable tour, Southern China: Sichuan, we will likely see the irresistible Red Panda and a host of birds including seven species of rosefinch and 13 Phylloscopus warblers. An account of Paul Holt’s most recent tour is here.

Photo: Paul Holt

From the Field

August 31: Rich Hoyer from his ongoing tour, Oregon in late Summer

We've just completed the western half of our tour, and it's been gorgeous here with some really fine birds.  We began... (more)

August 28: Paul Holt from his just-concluded tour, China: Lhasa and the Tibetan Plateau

This year's tour was superbly memorable encountering a wide variety of awesome birds and mammals amidst truly spectacular 'Roof... (more)

August 22: Rich Hoyer on his just-completed Marvelous Mato Grosso, Brazil tour

On this year’s Marvelous Mato Grosso tour, the Jaguar near the end was a highlight for almost everyone but the Yellow Anaconda... (more)

August 15: Jon Dunn from his on-going tour of Southeastern Arizona

We are most of the way through our "second spring" tour and have enjoyed the relative coolness and wet conditions of the monsoon... (more)

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Upcoming Tours

Limited space is available on the following confirmed September - Novmeber 2014 tours.

Georgia in Autumn: Migration Along the Black Sea with Paul French and Giorgi Darchiashvili - An Old World migration spectacle exploring many habitats along the shore of the Black Sea. Begins September 5.

Peru: Butterflies and Birds with Rich Hoyer and Jim Brock - Equal focus will be given to the birds and butterflies of the Manu region of Peru, one of the most biodiverse areas of the world. Begins September 22.

Argentina: The North - High Andes, the Chaco and Iguazú Falls with Ricardo Clarke and David Fisher - Chaco endemics, high Andean scenery, and the thundering spectacle of Igauzú Falls. Begins November 14.

Private Tours

WINGS organizes private tours worldwide. Details here.

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AZ Birding

Coming to southeastern Arizona and want guiding help for just a day or two? Find an excellent guide at AZ-Birding.

Our Leaders & Staff

Jake Mohlmann

Image of Jake  Mohlmann

Jake Mohlmann holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Management from The Pennsylvania State University, where he was instrumental in forming the university’s first official Student Bird Club. Raised in rural northeast Pennsylvania,... (more)

Featured Tour

Panama: Spring at the Canopy Tower

featured image

Note: This tour can be taken in conjunction with the our Panama: Darién Lowlands at Canopy Camp tour. Panama is one of those fortunate places where two great avifaunas meet. As one moves from the Costa Rican border east toward the Colombian border, Central American birds drop out and such truly Neotropical groups as antbirds, woodcreepers,... (more)

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