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If you’re an old hand, we hope our program is of interest.  If you’re new to birding tours, you might find our essay “Choosing a Birding Tour” helpful.

What's New

Peru: Butterflies and Birds, Sep 22 - Oct 3 2014, with Rich Hoyer and Jim Brock -- Rich Hoyer is well known for pausing to look at other creatures on his birding tours—mammals,... added April 2013 (more)

Guyana, Jan 26 - Feb 8 2015, with Fabrice Schmitt -- Guyana is a neglected jewel of Neotropical birding. Long overshadowed by its better-known neighbors... added September 2013 (more)

A Cruise: Valparaiso to Buenos Aires , Feb 14-28, 2015, with Fabrice Schmitt -- Have you dreamed of taking an extended pelagic trip along the Humboldt Current, traveling to such legendary... added March 2014 (more)

Indonesia: Sulawesi and Halmahera, Aug 28 - Sep 17 2015, with Susan Myers -- The Indonesian province of Sulawesi, formerly known as the Celebes, is the large, rather odd-shaped... added June 2014 (more)

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Steve Howell’s new book: Steve Howell’s long-awaited book, The Amazing World of Flyingfish,... (more)

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Steller’s Sea-Eagles on ice floes off Hokkaido Island, Japan are a prime attraction on Susan Myer’s Japan in Winter

Photo: Steve Rooke

From the Field

July 22: Paul Holt from a portion of his recent tour of Sichuan, China

Sichuan, the heart of China's endemic zone, offers some superb birding, great accommodations, spectacular scenery and world renown... (more)

July 14: Fabrice Schmitt on his just-concluded private tour to the wilds of Peru

I'm just come back from a two week private tour in North and Cenral Peru to look for White-masked Antbird and a few more of Peru's... (more)

July 9: Steve Howell reports from his ongoing Ecuador: A Week in Paradise tour

Yesterday’s late afternoon cold beer and chips, along with Sunbitterns singing and flight-displaying (wow!), would normally... (more)

June 25: Gavin Bieber and Steve Howell: A second report from their ongoing tour Alaska: The Majesty of the North

There's more to life than birds - the mammals here are truly amazing. Yesterday in warm sunny conditions we watched a pair of Bristle-thighed... (more)

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Upcoming Tours

Limited space is available on the following confirmed August and October 2014 tours.

China: Lhasa and the Tibetan Plateau with Paul Holt - A popular tour to the isolated “Roof of the World”, with many cultural and ornithological highlights. Begins August 2.

Romania: Birds and Medieval Monasteries with Bryan Bland - Elegant monasteries and excellent birding combined with Old World charm. Begins August 22.

Colombia with Trevor Ellery - Birding in the most diverse country on the planet, with a focus on endemic and range-restricted as well as more common species. Begins August 23.

Australia: South Australia and Northern Territory with Gavin Bieber - From Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs in search of the many special inland birds and those of the tropical rainforests of the north. Begins October 2.

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Private Tours

WINGS organizes private tours worldwide. Details here.

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AZ Birding

Coming to southeastern Arizona and want guiding help for just a day or two? Find an excellent guide at AZ-Birding.

Our Leaders & Staff

Paul French

Image of Paul French

Paul French is a Sunbird leader whose life-long passion for birds and natural history led to him graduating university with a degree in wildlife conservation. This was followed by several years of short term contract work around the length and breadth... (more)

Featured Tour

Germany: the East in Autumn

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Maximum group size, seven with one leader; 14 with two leaders. (more)

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