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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery


The Tepuis, Imataca Forest Reserve, and Orinoco Delta

Our first morning finds us at the mighty Caroni rapids a few miles above where this river joins with the Orinoco. Here we search for two local specialities, Capped Heron and Black-collared Swallow. We then spend two days in the lowland Guyanan rainforest… …home to several nesting pairs of the much sought-after Harpy Eagle…. …as well as other raptors including graceful Plumbeous Kites… …and beautiful Bat Falcons, which always perch on exposed branches. Other prominent perchers here include Paradise Jacamar which specialises in catches insects above the forest canopy… …and ornate Long-tailed Tyrants. We also walk quiet rainforest trails in search of more skulking species such as this White-crowned Manakin. Moving further south we ascend the famous Escalera, stopping at the locally famous Rock-of-the-Virgin with its well-visited shrine… …and very visible nesting Cliff Flycatchers. At the top of the Escalera we reach the endless grasslands of the Gran Sabana, where distant shear-sided Tepuis form the back-drop… …and Brown Jacamars provide the entertainment in the foreground… …while we search for pan-Tepui endemics such as Greater Flowerpiercer.