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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Sri Lanka: A Photographic Tour

Our tour starts in the south of the country near to Tissa; home to some fabulous birds including this Brown Fish Owl… and the spectacular White-naped Flameback. Nearby at Bundala National Park, the birds can be very confiding thus producing wonderful close ups for photography. Here a Blue-tailed Bee-eater shows off… as does its close relative, the beautiful Green Bee-eater. Waders can be very close at this site, here’s a Lesser Sand Plover… and here’s a Pin-tailed Snipe, hiding. Terns can be abundant here, with the superb Great Crested… alongside the almost cosmopolitan Gull-billed. Painted Storks are always popular with photographers… whilst Pheasant-tailed Jacanas are even more entertaining as they trot across the lilies. Our visit to Yala National Park will concentrate on seeing and photographing the superb Leopard… and on getting great close-ups of Indian Elephants, like this portrait of a youngster suckling its mother… whilst nearby the impressive Malabar Pied Hornbill gives us a fly past. Magnificent Indian Peafowl strut their stuff - all very impressive! And Crested Hawk Eagles keep a watchful eye from low branches. Some night birding should result in this Indian Scops Owl… whilst nearby the Golden Jackals will be getting active at dusk. Indian Flying Foxes are most impressive beasts in flight… but when folded up at roost, they soon blend in with their surroundings. Indian Robins are always popular subjects on this tour… as are multi-coloured Indian Rollers. Tufted Grey Langurs watch on from their vantage points… as Asian Wild Boars go about their daily business. Spotted Deer are getting frisky - here a couple of young bucks test each other out… and an Indian Brown Mongoose tries to slip by, unnoticed. One of the stars of the show, here, is the Indian Pitta which, with patience, should give us good looks at his beautiful multi-coloured plumage. As can, the often very confiding but still superb, Oriental Magpie Robin. It’s not just the birds! Sri Lanka is also home to some incredible reptiles and amphibians.  And they don’t come much more unusual than this, the aptly named Hump-nosed Lizard.