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WINGS Birding Tours – Information

Pacific Coast Seabird Cruises from Southern California to Vancouver

Albatrosses, Pterodromas, and Seabirding in Comfort

Tour Information

Booking your place on one of Paul Lehman’s Seabird Cruises can be done in two easy steps:

1. Participants must book their berth directly with the relavant cruise company (in this case Princess Cruises).
2. Onboard birding time with Paul must be booked directly with WINGS, $300 per person for the May 2019 cruise (2018 was $300/person).

Cruise berth space needs to booked directly with the cruise company: 1-877-932-4259. Book any berth or berths you wish.  All will work equally well with the joint activities that Paul envisions.   

Los Angeles, CA to Vancouver. BC, Canada - May 9-12, 2019/ 3-DAY cruise (Los Angeles, Vancouver)

Cruise operator: Princess Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship: Star Princess
Tour Code: 9910N

WINGS space should be booked directly through the WINGS office by submittting your registration and release forms, plus deposit. Upon registering you will receive welcome letter from Paul as well as any future communication in what to expect and how to prepare for birding from the ship.

The WINGS deposit for each cruise is $50 (non-refundable). Each cruise will be invoiced approximately 14 weeks before departure. Final payments become non-refundable 12 weeks prior to departure.


1. The cabin berths can often be cancelled with little or no penalty quite close to the departure date. Check with the cruise line for specific details but if you’re potentially interested, it might make sense to book your berth early and then cancel if it doesn’t work out.

2. Note that a WINGS deposit or payment is not required of non-birding companions who should not expect to join the daytime birding activities. Non-birding companions must of course book their cruise berth with the cruise line.

Updated: 23 May 2018