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WINGS Birding Tours – Itinerary

Pacific Coast Seabird Cruises from Southern California to Vancouver

Albatrosses, Pterodromas, and Seabirding in Comfort

Thursday 9 May to Sunday 12 May 2019
with Paul Lehman as leader
featured image

A Cook’s Petrel arcs over the Pacific off Santa Barbara, California Photo: Tony Leukering

When major cruise companies reposition their boats from winter to summer cruising schedules, the cost of these staging cruises are often remarkably reasonable. Recently West Coast birders have used these cruises as a comfortable platform to look for offshore species, including several pterodroma petrels, albatrosses, and storm-petrels.  On this cruise we have a reasonable chance of encountering Hawaiian, Murphy’s and Cook’s Petrels among many others.

May 9-12, 2019, on Princess Cruises (Star Princess) from Los Angeles (San Pedro) to Vancouver: The 3-Day cruise on Princess Cruises departs from Los Angeles in the afternoon, has two full days at sea, and then arrives in Vancouver in the morning on day 3. Cost is $300 plus the cost of your berth which should be booked directly with the cruise company.  Non-birders traveling with you are exempt from the $300 WINGS charge. Berth prices for this cruise start at only about $350 per person plus tax, gratuity, and port charges. Details on booking a berth can be found here.

Updated: 23 May 2018


  • 2019 Cruise Price : $300
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The “Tour Information” tab at the top of this page links to details on booking berths, deposit and payment dates and other relevant information.

* The maximum number of birders for the 3 day, May 9-12, 2019 cruise on the Star Princess from Los Angeles (San Pedro) to Vancouver is 12.

There is no limit to non-birders.