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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Cruise: Antarctic Peninsula and Around Cape Horn

As well as ‘the usual’ around Cape Horn route that we’ve done many times, this new itinerary offers a chance to cruise waters off the Antarctic Peninsula… …where we expect the scenery to be stunning (even though we’re really here for the birds and other wildlife!). This is a wonderful seabirding trip, and we’ll enjoy many views of the well-named ‘great albatrosses’ - Wandering (here) and Royal in their element. …with up to 8 species of smaller albatrosses and 30 species of other tubenoses. …and there will be many riveting landbird moments as well such as this encounter with Lesser Rheas. We will travel on a big cruise ship… …offering various level of accommodations (here an interior cabin, the least expensive option)… …and of course numerous restaurants and various activities. These ship are, perhaps surprisingly, wonderful for seabirding… …as they’re remarkably stable, even in rough seas, and telescopes can be used! Circling Cape Horn we hope to see the famous albatross monument that marks this historic location. And we’ll have four strategic stops, all of our own design… …visiting habitats like <i>Nothofagus</i>forest in Ushuaia (Argentina)… …penguin colonies on the Falklands Islands… …and the Botanical garden of Montevideo (Uruguay). During these excursions we’ll use comfortable buses… …or when necessary four-wheel drive vehicles as here on the Falkland Islands. That trip is just magical for seabirds - here a close Yellow-nosed Albatross… …and we should see hundreds of Black-browed Albatross… …but we’ll also see Southern Giant Petrels and many more tubenoses… …including some very difficult to see elsewhere, like Stejneger’s Petrel… We’ll visit a Gentoo Penguin colony… …where there are also majestic King Penguins. Species we hope to see on our land excursions range from Magellanic Plover in Patagonia… … to the endemic Falkland Steamer-duck… …and the stunning White-throated Hummingbird near Montevideo. Sea mammals will be another feature of our cruise.  Bottlenose Dolphin… …Fin Whales… … and South American Sea Lions are just a few of them! In short this is a wonderful cruise with great birds, spectacular scenery and interesting, varied days on land.