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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Brazil Pantanal: A Photographic Tour

Our tour begins in Brazil’s scenic Mato Grosso Region, at Serra das Araras. Where our main focus will be on the superbly impressive Harpy Eagle, and we hope for views of birds perched… and in flight. Birds of open country here include the delightful Turquoise Tanager… And the shy and unobtrusive Greater Rhea, here with very young chicks. Nocturnal highlights could include the excellent Spectacled Owl Moving onto the Pantanal, we will take a boat ride along the Pixaim River where shy and elusive residents are easier to see here, including Gray-necked Wood-rail… and the strange looking Boat-billed Heron The river itself is home to many Piranha Which in turn provide food for Black-collared Hawk… and of course, the highly entertaining Giant River Otter The birdlife of the Pantanal is also spectacular, with ground feeding birds like Campo Flicker and fruit-eaters such as Orange-backed Troupial, and many raptors, like this Southern Caracara. Kingfishers are well represented with all five South American members, like this Amazon Kingfisher… joining their close relatives the jacamars, like this Rufous-tailed Jacamar The Cuiaba River is a rich mosaic of freshwater habitats… Which support a vast array of highly desired species, like this Capped Heron The star of the show here is the Jaguar, which can be seen hunting… or at rest… but always alert to what’s going on. Our tour finishes with a search for another sough-after species, the Giant Anteater, which is active in its rough grassland habitat through the night until dawn,.. remaining hidden until the evening, when the sun sets on the Pantanal