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Upcoming Confirmed Departures with Space Remaining

Ghana with Paul French and Victor Owusu - Covering the white beaches of the Atlantic through dense rainforest to the open savanna of the Sahel, and including perhaps the world’s best canopy walkway and Yellow-headed Picathartes. November 14-27.

Panama: Fall at the Canopy Tower with Gavin Bieber - Excellent neotropical birding from a single base: the acclaimed Canopy Tower. One space (shared bathroom) remains. November 12-18.

Panama Darién Lowlands with Gavin Bieber - Excellent birding at a remote but new African-safari-style camp with a number of regional endemics. November 25-December 2.

India: The South and the Andaman Islands with Paul Holt - Rich nature reserves full of endemics and a relaxed, tropical feel make this tour a delight. November 26-December 10 (ext to Dec 17).

Saint Lucia & Saint Vincent with Stu Elsom - This relaxed tour includes sought-after endemics such as St. Lucia Parrot and St. Lucia Warbler and warm Caribbean hospitality. One space remains. February 4-13.

New Zealand, Island Endemics and Seabirds with Neil Robertson - Isolated, fantastical islands full of unique birds and breathtaking scenery. February 13-March 5.

Seabird Cruise: Santiago to Los Angeles with Fabrice Schmitt and Steve Howell – Nine days of seabirding and seven days of landbirding on a cruise that covers an amazing 66° of latitude of the Eastern Pacific. One space remains. March 14-30.

Vietnam with Susan Myers - An endemic-rich country with a long bird list plus astounding scenery and friendly people. One space remains. March 17-April 8.

Cuba with Jon Dunn - A close-to-home destination with a complicated history, our tour to this island nation targets regional endemic birds while sampling the culture, food, and famous music. March 17-26.

Upcoming tours (with space) due to confirm soon:

Argentina: The South - the Pampas, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego with Jake Mohlmann - Great birding in some of the most dramatic locations in South America. January 8-22.

Arizona: A Winter Week - Spectacular southeast Arizona winter birding from a comfortable base on the San Pedro River. January 20-27 or January 27-February 3.

Peru: The Cloud Forests of the Rio Mayo and Abra Patricia with Rich Hoyer - Some of the most exciting birding in the Andes, including for the spectacular Marvelous Spatuletail and the nearly mythical Long-whiskered Owlet. One space remains. January 26-February 5.

Trinidad & Tobago with Evan Obercian - A perfect introduction to South America’s avian families amidst a tropical island setting. One space remains. February 1-9.

Ecuador: Mindo and the Northwest Andes with Jon Feenstra - Superb Andean birding with up to 40 hummingbird species. February 1-9.

Ecuador: The East Slope of the Andes with Jon Feenstra - High páramo habitats home to such iconic species as Andean Condor and Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe combined with lush temperate, subtropical, and foothill forests alive with spectacular tanagers and fancy hummingbirds. One space remains. February 10-17.

Updated: October 2017