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Upcoming Confirmed Departures with Space Remaining

Netherlands in Spring with James Lidster - A short tour in brilliant color with birds in full breeding plumage plus spectacular displays of flowers in the Dutch bulbfields. April 21 - 25.

Georgia The High Caucasus with Paul French and Giorgi Darchiashvili - A spectacular raptor migration and local specialties such as Caucasian Snowcock, Caucasian Black Grouse, Güldenstadt’s Redstart, and Great Rosefinch. April 27 - May 5.

China: Beidaihe and Happy Island with Paul Holt and Wang Qingyu - Coincides with the peak of spring migration in coastal northeastern China. Minimal travel, good food, and superb birding. May 6 -21.

Seabird Cruise: San Fran to SE Alaska with Paul Lehman – A relaxing West Coast cruise with many exciting species such as Laysan Albatross, Kittlitz’s Murrelet, and perhaps a rarity or three. May 8 - 18.

Hungary Photographic Tour with Stu Elsom - A photographic land of castles, mountains and grasslands, Hungary hosts many sought-after species, including Great Bustard, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Ural Owl. May 31 - June 10. 

China: Sichuan with with Paul Holt and Wang Qingyu - Some of the best birding in the Middle Kingdom with many endemic species amongst varied habitats and wild, mountainous terrain. One space remains. May 28 - June 17.

Upcoming tours (with space) due to confirm soon: