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Upcoming Confirmed Departures with Space Remaining

China: Yunnan Province with Paul Holt - An outstanding tour full of alluring species. Experience some of Asia’s most exciting habitats and wonderful food along the ancient Southern Silk Road. March 4 - 19.

Colombia: The Santa Marta Mountains with Fabrice Schmitt - A short tour to an endemic-rich region of Northern Colombia; perfect for a quick winter escape. March 11 - 19.

Puerto Rico with Gavin Bieber - An easy tour with 17 endemics and many Caribbean specialties. March 19 - 29. 

Morocco in Spring with James Lidster - High Atlas and Sahara desert drama. Crimson-winged Finch, Cream-colored Courser, Thick-billed Lark and, we hope, Northern Bald Ibis. April 1 - 11.

Netherlands in Spring with James Lidster - A short tour in brilliant color with birds in full breeding plumage plus spectacular displays of flowers in the Dutch bulbfields. April 21 - 25.

Spain with John Muddeman - Rural Old World charm and some of the best birding in the Mediterranean, including the highest concentration of raptors in Europe. April 28 - May 12.

Arizona Owls & Warblers with Gavin Bieber - From the Sonoran Desert to the cool “sky islands” with all the habitats and birds that make the area famous, and at peak breeding season. One space remains. May 6 - 14.

Seabird Cruise: San Fran to SE Alaska with Paul Lehman – A relaxing West Coast cruise with many exciting species such as Laysan Albatross, Kittlitz’s Murrelet, and perhaps a rarity or three. May 8 - 18.

Central Asia: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with Steve Rooke - Following the Silk Road for wonderful steppe and mountain birds and scenes. May 10-27.

Alaska: Gambell and Nome with Jon Dunn and Gavin Bieber - The ultimate birding destination in North America. Scores of seabirds compete with high potential for Asian vagrants in a very remote corner of the planet. May 28 - June 6, ext to June 9. Pribilofs extension is full.


Upcoming tours (with space) due to confirm soon:

Brazil: Marvelous Mato Grosso with Rich Hoyer - Visiting three major ecoregions—the cerrado, the Pantanal wetlands, and the Amazon rainforest—this tour hosts an incomparable diversity of tropical bird families. One space remains. June 17-July 1.