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WINGS Birding Tours – Information

Greece: Lesvos

Spring Migration Through the Aegean

Tour Information

Note: The information presented here is an abbreviated version of our formal General Information for Tours to Lesvos. Its purpose is solely to give readers a sense of what might be involved if they take this tour. Although we do our best to make sure that what follows here is completely accurate, it should not be used as a replacement for the formal document which will be sent to all tour registrants, and whose contents supersedes any information contained here.

TRAVEL TO LESVOS: This tour is organized by our British company, Sunbird, and starts and ends in Lesvos. 

ENTERING GREECE: United States citizens need a valid passport to enter Greece. No visa is required. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the date the tour ends. Citizens of other nations should contact the nearest Greek Consulate for entry requirements.

MAP AND COUNTRY INFORMATION: You can view maps of Greece in the University of Texas series here. You can review the U.S. Department of State Country Specific Travel Information here, and the CIA World Factbook background notes on Greece here.

CLIMATE: It is generally warm and pleasant in late April, with daytime temperatures between 60° and 75° F, cooler in the early morning and evenings. The weather is, however, unpredictable at this time of year, and we’re likely to have some rain during our stay.

HEALTH: No specific immunizations are required, unless you are coming from areas where yellow fever is present. There is no malaria in Greece. You should have an up-to-date tetanus booster. Minor intestinal problems are often hard to avoid, so we suggest bringing Imodium in case of an upset stomach. Special medicines may be unavailable or difficult to obtain, so bring enough to cover your needs for the entire trip. Generally, insects shouldn’t be a problem, but it might be wise to bring a repellent in case we encounter a few mosquitoes. The sun may be strongm and it is easy to become sunburned, so bring a few long-sleeve shirts and a broad-brimmed hat. Tap water is generally safe to drink, and bottled water will be available throughout the day.

PACE OF THE TOUR: Most days will start with an optional pre-breakfast excursion, lasting between one and two hours, to one of the many excellent birding spots close to our hotel. After breakfast we’ll usually head out for the day; if the weather is fine, we’ll have a picnic lunch at one or another of the numerous interesting and attractive places on the island. Some days we may return to the hotel for a break in the afternoon, but generally we’ll be out birding until about an hour before dinner at around 8:00 pm.

This tour is not strenuous, generally involving only leisurely walks of not much more than half a mile over easy terrain; in a couple of places we’ll be walking on stony ground and up rocky valleys.

DRESS: Dress will be informal throughout the tour.

ACCOMMODATION: Throughout the tour we will be staying at a comfortable, good-quality hotel. All rooms have a private toilet and a bath or shower.

FOOD: All of our meals on this tour are either at our hotel or in the field, so we are able to accommodate special dietary requests within reason.

DRESS: Informal.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will be in minibuses driven by the leaders. Please note that the leaders will operate a rotation system for seating in the vehicles; participants should be able to ride in any seat in tour vehicles..

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles or when the group is gathered for meals, checklists, etc. If you are sharing a room with a non-smoker, please do not smoke in the room. If you smoke in the field, do so well away from the group and downwind. If any location where the group is gathered has as stricter policy than the WINGS policy, that stricter policy will prevail.

GENERAL INFORMATION & CONDITIONS OF WINGS AND SUNBIRD TOURS: . Please take a moment to read the WINGS General Information and Conditions. This section contains important information about how we conduct tours, e.g., what is included in the tour price, refund and cancellation policies, pace of the tours, and other information that will help you prepare for the tour.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A more complete General Information for Tours to Lesvos will be sent to each registrant on receipt of booking. Final information with instructions for meeting the group, hotel addresses, etc., will be mailed about three weeks before trip departure. Other news will be communicated as necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Updated: December 2014